Membership FAQs

How do I apply for PLMA membership?

Membership is open to all manufacturing companies whose products are available for private label distribution. Annual membership dues are EUR 1.500,00.

Click here to request a PLMA Membership Application. If your company is eligible for PLMA membership, you will be sent the official PLMA Membership Application. Upon receipt of your completed Membership Application, you will be sent an invoice for annual membership dues.

What is my company's membership dues validity?

Membership dues are valid for 12 months. Dues validity is calculated from the month of receipt of your company’s first annual membership dues payment; the dues expiration date is not affected by subsequent dues renewal payment dates.

Your company’s membership dues validity is confirmed on your dues invoice. If you cannot locate your latest dues invoice, contact PLMA’s Membership Department using the form at the bottom of this page.

How do I renew my company's membership?

One month prior to the expiration date of your company’s annual membership dues, you will receive an invoice to renew your membership for one more year.

If your company was a PLMA member in the past and would like to re-apply for membership, click here to request a Membership Application.

Is VAT included in the membership dues invoice?

No, the membership dues invoice does not hold VAT. PLMA membership is a service provided by, and invoiced from, PLMA’s executive offices in New York. PLMA’s membership dues invoices therefore do not carry VAT and are not subject to reverse tax charges.

My company registered for PLMA’s U.S. Show in Chicago, but we received an annual membership dues invoice from PLMA in Amsterdam. Is that correct?

Yes, that is correct. The dues invoice you received was issued by PLMA’s executives offices in New York but was sent to you by the Membership Department of PLMA International Council in Amsterdam, as this is the PLMA office that handles communication with non-US members.

My company did not pay its membership dues renewal invoice. What happens to our current membership?

After expiration of your company’s dues validity, your membership will be temporarily suspended and you will receive two more payment reminders. If no dues payment is received after the last reminder, your membership will be deactivated.

Is membership required to exhibit at PLMA's trade shows?

All PLMA programmes are organised for PLMA members. To exhibit at PLMA’s trade shows, your company must have a valid membership at annual dues of EUR 1.500,00. Should your company’s bylaws not allow for engaging in memberships, you may opt for the non-member surcharge: EUR 2.500,00 to exhibit in Amsterdam or USD 4.500,00 to exhibit in Chicago.

Are membership dues included in the exhibit rate?

No, they are not. Membership dues and non-member surcharges are invoiced separate from the exhibit rate.

Is membership valid for both the Amsterdam and Chicago trade show?

Yes, current membership dues cover both PLMA’s Amsterdam and Chicago trade shows. Please note that your company must have current membership dues when registering for, and while participating in, a PLMA trade show.

As a member, is my company automatically registered for PLMA's trade shows?

No, it is not; membership and exhibitor participation are separate services. If your company wishes to exhibit, it should register as an exhibitor with PLMA’s Exhibitor Department. Click here to request an Application to Exhibit.

My company is exhibiting within a national pavilion. How do I apply for membership?

All exhibitors, including pavilion participants, must submit an Application to Exhibit to PLMA. The Application is prefilled with your membership data; if your company is not a PLMA member yet, the Application to Exhibit will also hold a Membership Application for you to complete.

If your pavilion organiser has agreed to pay membership dues collectively on behalf of its exhibitors, you will be informed by your pavilion organiser on this subject. If your pavilion organiser has decided that its exhibitors need to pay their membership dues to PLMA individually, you will receive an invoice for annual membership dues from PLMA’s Membership Department.

My company would like to cancel its membership. Is there a refund of already paid membership dues?

Membership dues are non-refundable and non-transferable. Upon receipt of your cancellation of membership, PLMA will update its records to reflect that your membership will expire by its dues expiration date and that no invoice for dues renewal should be issued.

To cancel your company's membership, please confirm your decision to PLMA using the form at the bottom of this page.