Younger consumers shop differently for groceries

Price and offers or promotions are crucial for many 18- to 30-year-olds when shopping for groceries. This emerges from a study in German speaking Europe by the consulting firm Institute of Brand Logic, which identified four additional relevant criteria.

In addition to price, important factors are the quality and taste of the food (80 percent), a range that enables a conscious and healthy diet (67 percent), and the regional orientation of the retailer (60 percent). This is followed by socially and fairly produced food (59 percent) and ecologically and sustainably produced food (52 percent). Digital solutions (27 percent) and trendy foods (25 percent) are in last place here.

The fourth criterion that the study authors identified is the curiosity of the younger generation. 69 percent “very much” or “like” trying out new products, trends and dishes. Accordingly, 60 percent of food retailers would like more relevant product information regarding usage options and food ideas, but also health aspects and supply chains.