What's behind all these packaging changes?

Have you seen soup in bags, sauces in cardboard, or beans in packs in your supermarket? In Scandinavia, known to be a trendsetter in more environmentally friendly packaging, the trend is ubiquitous.

The canned department has long remained the same, and it is not the most outspoken in the supermarket. Some think it is a rather dull, old-fashioned section. But there is a movement that seems to play into making the department more attractive, addressing a younger public.

Several companies are making a move towards changing the packaging of conserves into cardboard. This has a lower CO2 footprint and requires less gas in production. In addition to these advantages, there are also lower transport costs, and the new packs require less space in the stores.

Companies in the sector are eager to make use of the new materials and produce modern, attractive and less heavy packaging and appeal to a new target group, as well as inspire other consumers to come back.