On data, Europeans trust grocery retailers over non-grocery stores

A study by Deloitte and Ahold Delhaize into European attitudes on the use of consumer data by grocers shows that European consumers trust grocery retailers with their personal data more than non-grocery retailers, financial institutions, and digital and social media platforms.

The online survey was conducted across 15 countries and 15,000 respondents with the objective to stimulate a wide-ranging discussion around data ethics, the responsibilities of companies and their responses to the regulation of personal data in line with consumer expectations.

Consumers in general are willing to share their personal data, with age and current online behavior being the two parameters that have the strongest correlations to consumer data perceptions. There is a greater willingness to share personal data among younger consumers and those who shop online more frequently. Grocery retailers are seen as highly trustworthy, but consumers have high expectations when it comes to transparency, choice, and control, over what data is being collected and how it is used.