Course Descriptions

The World of Retailing is Changing, Now What? Implications for Private Label

Ray Gaul, CEO, Retail Cities

We expect the retail sector to experience as much disruption in the next three years as we have seen over the previous decade. Ray Gaul will discuss how leading retailers adapt to these changes, the necessary evolution of the role of private label as a pillar of control, stability, and differentiation for leading retailers, and what the future is likely to bring for private label brands.

Executing Successful PL Product Innovation and Packaging - Winning Sales at the Shelf 

Marielle Bordewijk, Founding partner, Food by Design 
Innovative product development and distribution is the lifeblood for retailers and manufacturers. But how can you optimally manage the success-to-failure ratio for all your new products? Marielle will share insights on designing and organizing a successful private label food/non-food innovation trajectory and maximizing the opportunity for well-selling products, concepts, and sub-brands. 

Right sizing Your Private Label Strategy for Today’s Marketplace - One size fits all does not work

Edgar Elzerman, Owner, Elzerman Consultancy 
Today's challenging retail marketplace requires a clear and well thought out approach to devising a private label strategy. For starters, a one size fits all strategy simply does not work. Edgar will discuss the process getting to the right strategy, the impact of key internal and external factors on this strategy and will share some of today’s winning strategies in the European marketplace. 

Panel discussion on Best Practices: Shaping a Powerful, Mutually Beneficial Retailer-Supplier Relationship 

Moderator: Edgar Elzerman. Panel members: Paul van der Raad (Global Commercial Director Protix) and Wouter Lefevere (Chief Commercial Officer Tom&Co)

Retailers and suppliers currently find themselves in a fragile and challenging negotiating environment. It's one that breeds uncertainty and strains the relationship between the two parties, for whom mutual trust and cooperation are essential. Success for both sides is imperiled. Based on their diverse personal experiences, the panelists will discuss ways to nurture and strengthen that relationship.

Know your Buyer, Sell more and sell better - Guidelines for Retail Success

Karen Green, Founder and Coach, Buyerology ltd.

Business negotiations in this modern age can be complex and challenging. Sometimes we think we have got everything right - the pricing, the offer and yet we still don’t manage to close the deal. The secret lies in the fact that retail buyers are human and therefore use their emotions to make decisions rather than logic and facts.  Karen will show you how to profile your target customer and to tailor your approach to sell more and sell better, whether you're talking about an idea, a product, or even yourself.

The Secrets Behind Neuro Marketing - Driving Private Label Sales from the Brain 

Tim Zuidgeest, Co-founder/CEO, Unravel Neuromarketing Research 

We like to think we are rational thinking consumers, but, in reality, this is often disappointingly untrue. As a neuromarketing expert, Tim Zuidgeest will discuss proven techniques from neuroscience and persuasive psychology making marketing more effective. 
His practical examples will demonstrate how customers' purchasing behavior and decision-making can be influenced, driving more (private label) sales.