Sebastiaan Scheijen

​​​​Sebastiaan Schreijen

Specialist Consumer Foods

Sebastiaan Schreijen has been working at RaboResearch Food & Agribusiness for over fifteen years. In that time he has seen and assessed hundreds of companies, investment cases, trends and hypes in consumer foods.

Private labels, healthy eating, sourcing strategies, online groceries, consolidation; Sebastiaan's visions and ideas extend across the entire food chain. From food processing, food retail, restaurants, and caterers to consumer behavior.

Before Sebastiaan started his career at Rabobank, he worked for ten years at another bank as an equity analyst.



Cyrill Filott

Cyrille Filott

Global Strategist - Consumer Food, Packaging and Logistics

Cyrille Filott is global strategist for Consumer Foods, Packaging & Logistics at Rabobank. He is responsible for drawing up and implementing the research agenda for the Consumer Foods and Packaging & Logistics franchises within Rabobank.

He and the team publish research relevant to food and agribusiness companies worldwide. Cyrille also hosts the Consumer Foods-to-Go podcast series, covering the latest developments in the consumer food sector.

Cyrille spends most of his time discussing sector issues with food and agribusiness companies. He is regularly invited to C-suite meetings where he provides outside insights and discusses business strategies in the field of nutrition. He is also a frequent speaker at food industry events.