Gen Z wants self-scanning, self-checkout, checkout-free

A study among 4.000 shoppers in the UK and the US, commissioned by Avery Dennison, found that 52 percent of Gen Z would “switch to another store if their favorite decided to get rid of self-checkout.”

Two-thirds (67%) of those polled would opt for retailers that offer self-scanning at the end of a shop, while almost three-in-five (59%) stated the same about self-scanning as they shop.

Furthermore, 49% would be likely to spend more money with a retailer that has a connected or automated checkout experience, and 52% say connected stores would make them more loyal to a retail brand.

Nine of ten polled have experienced some form of frictionless shopping in the last year including self-scanning, self-checkout, full check-out free stores and try at home before you purchase services.